Does Peta Kill Animals?

There is a site run by the Center for Consumer Freedom called Peta Kills Animals which states that peta kills a large fraction of the animals surrendered to its shelters. You may remember CCF as the group organized by big tobacco to convince us that cigarettes were safe. They don't have the strongest adherence to the truth.

Let's take the first number on their website. They say in 2010, peta received 2,345 animals. They even have a Skeptical? Click here to see the proof! link. Being skeptical, I clicked there to see the proof. And wouldn't you know it, on the very first damn page, the numbers were different - peta actually took in 4,569 animals.

CCF has a dagger saying they removed spay/neuter animals from their total. Redoing some math, it seems like they removed the animals surrendered by their owners. To put it mildly, not all animals surrendered by their owners are there to get spayed or neutered. Of the 2,243 animals surrendered by their owners, only 7 were reclaimed.

So either Virginians are really confused about what "neutering" means, or the CCF is being a little misleading.

On the front page, the CCF says "During all of 2010, PETA found adoptive homes for just 44 pets." If you click the "skeptical" link, you can see that in 2010 peta actually found adoptive homes for 838 animals. I have no clue how they got from 838 to 44 - divide by 20 then round up?

The moral of the story? Don't believe everything you read. And if someone cites a source, actually look at the source. Especially if the citer is the Center for Consumer Freedom.

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  1. Excellent investigating!

    CCF and the other front groups run by Richard Berman are paid millions to downplay the problems of corporate America, and to attack the charities that expose and confront those problems. From their campaign to urge pregnant women to consume more mercury to their campaign to demonize animal welfare charities, everything the CCF puts out is skewed, misleading, or unabashedly false.

    I've been tracking their smear campaign against the Humane Society of the United States for the past 18 months. The depths CCF will sink to are astounding: stalking activists and politicians, impersonating activists and posting violent and inflammatory comments so that CCF can accuse them of being "terrorists", masquerading as veterinarians on pet blogs to drum up support for their anti-animal agenda...

    The deeper you dig, the more worms you uncover.

    Good job seeing through their deception and getting to the facts!